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Vibe Group launches new purpose: creating the future

When our founders Bernd & Daniel started Vibe Group in 2011, they had an ambitious plan for the future. They both loved the Staffing business but also believed they could do it better. They started Vibe Group and worked day and night to develop it into the company that it is today. The development of Vibe Group made their career move forward. But they also helped their employees, contractors and clients in building their career. That made them realize that Vibe Group is more than just a company and so our vision was born. Vibe Group wants to be the best company to work for and to be the number one in IT recruitment. This vision fits our new purpose: creating the future.

The future of our clients and specialists

Our clients come to us because they are looking for new IT talent to help their company grow. Our most important job is to find out what exactly the client is looking for in a specialist. But also what the specialist wants in a job. It is a challenge, but when you succeed and find the dream job for the specialist or find the perfect specialist for the client, it is worth every struggle. A job is a very important part of people’s identity. If they are unhappy in their current situation or you can find them a better offer, that is for example closer to home, you are not only helping them, but also their partner and children. Providing them with more quality time together.

The future of IT

Knowledge sharing is important to us. If you work at Vibe Group you are involved in finding the best IT specialists for our clients. By helping these talented specialists building their career, you help all sorts of organizations move forward. Looking at the bigger picture, the work you are doing is important for the future of IT. It is like a chain reaction, your part may seem small, but it is the reason that others are able to share their knowledge and skills that make innovations happen. The world of IT is moving so incredibly fast. That is the beauty but also the struggle of this industry, because as a consultant you have to keep up as well.

The future of the company

Everyone within Vibe Group is ambitious and wants to reach for the stars. We work hard to improve our own company and are always looking for innovative ideas. This mindset makes that we grow every year. But we also realize that there is no room to sit back and relax. We have to find ways to be constantly improving and to be better than we were yesterday. We are open to feedback and believe that the only way we can move forward is to invest in the people that work for us. Because eventually the people within Vibe Group determine the future of the company.

Your own future

The most important part of our purpose has to do with creating your own future. Because working at Vibe Group means building your own career day by day. We encourage you to discover your own talents and support you in every way possible. We believe that success only comes for those who work with a plan. We are here to advise you and help you every step of the way. However the real effort, drive and work has to come from you. Working at Vibe Group enables you to build a strong foundation. You’ll learn every aspect of doing business which helps you in the future, no matter what type of career you are pursuing. Everyone that works at Vibe Group thinks alike and therefore we are not only colleagues but also friends. These are the people you can learn from and build on, now and in the future.

Our purpose fits the Vibe Group DNA. By creating the future we will be the number one in IT recruitment and the best company to work for. It is a challenging goal but our drive and ambition will get us there. This means we always strive for quality, intelligence and authenticity. Because only together we can reach our goal. And of course, as anchored in our DNA, we’ll have lots of fun along the way.

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