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Incentive trip Split & Hvar

Six months have passed and within Vibe Group that means only one thing: incentive time! We would like to take you with us on this adventure during this short blog.

Split and Hvar

Three days before departure the lucky bastards got notified they earned their spot on the plane to Split & Hvar. After a short flight from Amsterdam to Split Airport, it was time to step on board of a luxury sailboat. Because on Vibecentive, you don’t have to drop your bags off first. Four hours of a relaxing sailing trip to Hvar, including music and drinks while your colleagues at home are still working at the office. That is the ultimate Vibecentive feeling!

Croatian singing

After the arrival in the beautiful harbor of Hvar it was time for dinner. The food was amazing and the authentic Croatian wine maybe even more. During dinner, the group got a small surprise: a serenade from a special singing choir. And did you know that the Croatian Folk singing is on the World Heritage List? Well, now you do! But it probably won’t be long before the vocals of the Vibers can be found on that same list. During the incentive weekend, frequently − requested or unrequested − performances were given. The night was still young and so are the Vibers. So the group moved to the different bars and clubs in Hvar. At the end of the evening, everyone found their bed around 3 AM.

Instagram heaven

At 10 AM the next morning, it was time for the next activity. It was time for a Volkswagen Beetle tour through the mountains of Croatia. Seven beautiful Beetles were awaiting the Vibers, all in different bright colors #instagramheaven. It seems that a record number of photos have been posted on Instagram that day. And although these cars are not famous for their four-wheel drive or amount of horsepower, it was a unique experience to explore the beautiful landscape of Croatia with these cute little cars. During the drive there was time to change color or driver. After a dip in the pool with cocktails, it was time for a delicious dinner at restaurant Butchery & Wine. When the restaurant almost wanted to close, the Vibers decided that it was time to take the stage. The song ‘Bella Ciao’ from the Netflix Series ‘La Casa de Papel’ turned into the theme song of this incentive. And the Croatian guests could – surprisingly enough – really appreciate it. A few even started to dance and sing.

Partying on an island

The Vibers got on to the boat towards nightclub Carpe Diem. During this commute they kept singing and dancing as if they were indeed a choir. Carpe Diem is a nightclub on an island. Yes, it is cooler than you can ever imagine. The fireworks, the DJ and of course the Vibers themselves, turned the island into the most epic party ever. But time flies when you are having the most epic party ever, so early in the morning everyone arrived back at the hotel.

Back to Split

After a very short night, the day of departure had arrived. It was time to head back to the airport of Split. The RIB speedboats were ready to test the speed limit. After arriving in Split it was time for lunch, although this meal was actually breakfast for most Vibers. Unfortunately, the time had come to go back to the airport. The airport of Split is very small and quiet, so some people could start catching up on some sleep.

The Vibecentive was definitely legen… (wait for it) dary. We dare you to come to our office and see if you can recognize the people that went on the incentive trip. Small tip: they drink just a bit more coffee than the rest. But of course at Vibe Group we are looking ahead. Where will the next incentive go, and perhaps more importantly: who will conquer a ticket?

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