The IT Staffing Specialist

Vibe Group is originally a Dutch IT staffing group and has been growing exponentially since its establishment in 2011. Starting with the two Founders, Daniël Visser and Bernd van Baars, we have now grown into a multinational. The group has more than 250 employees, 750+ seconded employees, 5 offices, 5 business development managers, and luxury offices at world-class locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

The Vibe Group believes in the power of niches and distinguishes five sub-markets within IT. By establishing brands on verticals, Vibe Group has now built up a very extensive, high-quality network. Knowledge sharing plays a vital role in the organization. With our Dutch down-to-earth attitude and unique strategy, Vibe is only at the start of further international growth.

The Vibe Group DNA:


We favor quality over quantity. This doesn’t only translate to our world-class office locations, but it also shows in our facilities. In Europe, we are unique in our approach applying the brands on verticals strategy. We know the market through and through, continue to train ourselves within our sub-niches and act as sparring partners for our clients and IT professionals.


A consultant at Vibe Group is a specialist. You must be able to provide IT professionals and clients with detailed and valuable advice. Therefore, intelligence is one of the most essential characteristics of our consultants. All of our consultants have bachelor or master degrees. If you are curious by nature and always eager to learn, you will fit right in. Our learning & development department offers a lot of coaching and guidance. Consultants regularly attend training courses and take exams to enforce their specialist claim within the niche.


As a consultant, you work in an environment where passion and ambition are the air we breathe. You are always surrounded by motivated people that will push you to go the extra mile. Our consultants are dedicated and work hard to expand and maintain their sub-niche. Because we are internationally oriented, many global opportunities lie ahead. At Vibe Group, personal success is often rewarded with promotions.


We know how to combine work and play on a daily basis in the luxury gyms and the Vibe Group Lounge. Here you will find a smoothie bar, play station, and a regular masseur. On Friday afternoon, we end the week with a fully provided happy hour. Twice a year you are invited to our lavish parties and success is rewarded by the opportunity to join the team on adventurous trips around the world. Besides that, there are also various team outings throughout the year.


Authenticity is the basis of your success at Vibe Group and its brands. We do staffing different and invest heavily in our people and departments. It is fundamental that each of us adds something unique to the group. With us, you get the space to stay true to your unique self. It is important that you are aware of what drives you and that you are sincere to yourself and others. The closer we stay to our true selves, the better we can distinguish ourselves to serve the IT-Staffing market.

The Vibe Group Brands

Vibe Group aims to attract passionate sales talent for its six niche brands. Perca Search focuses on IT Executive search, Eswelt operates exclusively within the ERP and CRM market, Visser & Van Baars focuses on BI, Data & Analytics, Spilberg focuses on IT Development and Tergos on IT Infrastructure & Security. Our sixth brand, Altus Staffing, bundles the brands mentioned earlier as an umbrella organization and offers a total staffing solution in IT expertise.


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