Roelof de Vries | Sales Consultant

Before I started working at Spilberg I already had a couple of years of experience in sales. Next to my work experience in sales I have always spent a lot of time on personal development; getting to know yourself, finding your passion and using your talents. I wasn’t only busy with further developing myself, I also liked to advise others – where necessary. Because of the combination of sales and helping people I finally knew that recruitment had to be the next step in my career.

Based on my plan, discovering the recruitment world, I have talked to 3 companies. Within the recruitment there turned out to be a great variety of company cultures and ways of working. After having talked to both director owners of Vibe Group it was clear to me that this was the company where I would fit in best. The drive and the ambition to want to be the best, the professional and sober outlook on doing business and the personal/direct way of communicating were crucial for me.

That same afternoon I walked out the door with a signed contract. The fact that all this was planned in and completed in less than one afternoon is typical for the mentality that Daniel and Bernd want to have within the Vibe Group: ‘When it’s good, you shouldn’t doubt’ and when you have ambition, zest for work and a certain openness to learning no time is wasted and you receive the trust. Trust is then followed up with intensive guidance/training at planned times, but also often ‘on-the spot’.


I have been active as consultant with Spilberg for quite a while now. I can only say that it has met and surpassed all expectations by far. The life of a Sales Consultant is certainly not easy; it’s hard work, you work long days and there are a lot of setbacks to deal with. But, everything is truly worthwhile with an enormously steep learning curve, many new contacts and gorgeous bonuses.

For the most part I have the one-on-one guidance of the management team to thank for all this. I have never before worked in a company where the guidance is so intensive, as with Spilberg. I have to add to this that they have more than given me the time and space to make this profession my own.


I started studying Commercial Economy in Groningen. After I got my propaedeutic certificate, I went to Amsterdam. In the 3rd year I did a marketing traineeship in Beijing and my graduation project in the countryside of Kenya. After I had worked for 2.5 years, I decided to go back to school; Business Philosophy this time, at the Free University. Next to my education I have always done tele-sales for the likes of ING Bank, Oxxio Energie, Vodafone and Graydon. Furthermore, I have followed a number of communication/personal development courses for my own interest.


So far I have realised dozens of placements, with my first placement after only 3.5 months. A good result for which I was awarded with the prize of “Best new consultant” within the entire Vibe Group. The beautiful thing about a placement is that it is win-win-win situation. The applicant is happy with the new step in his or her career, your client is happy with the new employee and as consultant you get your satisfaction in the form of achievement/quality/service and commission. Being a sales consultant doesn’t only revolve around commissions for me. It is undeniable that you benefit from a very attractive bonus system as a sales consultant, but I like to focus on the quality of my work more; the commissions are the results of my achievements to me; conducting qualitatively good conversations, building long-term relationships and listening to the needs of your clients and applicants.


Not everyone is suited to start working as a Sales Consultant. You work long days, it is intensive work and working with people can sometimes be very difficult. Who is and who is not suited to succeed as a Sales Consultant is hard to say, that’s why I advise everyone who is interested to at least talk to Vibe Group. In any case it is important that you are aware that it is not always an easy job and so you will have to possess a lot of perseverance. I do mean it when I say that I can’t think of a better way to learn when it comes to sales and acquiring good knowledge of people than as a job as sales consultant with Vibe Group.


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