Vibe Group is a specialised IT recruitment organisation with its roots in the Netherlands. The consultancy company has grown extremely fast ever since the founding in 2011. Vibe Group started with two, but currently has over 160 ambitious employees spread over the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The organisation believes in the power of niches and distinguishes five niche markets within the IT industry. By establishing brands on verticals, Vibe Group has become a successful multinational and with this strategy we have only just begun on the grow process.

Vibe Group stands for:


We focus on quality instead of quantity. That is not only reflected in our luxurious office at the most important business district of the Netherlands: the Zuidas, but also in our service, approach and in the coffee we serve. Furthermore, in Europe we are the only IT recruitment organisation adopting this brands on verticals strategy. Due to this specific niche focus we know our niche markets to the core. We know what we talk about, so we have become substantive sparring partners to client and candidate in order to achieve the best results.


Vibe Group attaches great value to a good basis. That is why our consultants graduated at bachelor or university level. Besides, Vibe Group offers specific training courses and tools to supply its consultants with the latest trends and knowledge of the market. By focusing on just one specific market the consultants are able to supply its clients and candidates with valuable advice.


You work in an environment where people live, breathe and wear passion and ambition. The sales branch runs through the veins of your colleagues. Continuously there are motivated people around you to push you to take the necessary extra step. The expectations are high and our consultants are prepared to give the 110% to work on a successful career. They start the day earlier than the average co-worker and they will usually not leave the office before 07:00 p.m.


On a daily base we know how to combine fun and passion by working out together in the luxurious gym in our building. In our entertainment room you find a playstation, a pooltable and a masseuse. We end the week with drinks every Friday and for the consultants who meet their targets we organise lunches at Michelin starred restaurants every month. Last but not least, for they who meet their quarter targets, we take them on an all-out weekend trip at the expense of Vibe Group.


Every Vibe Group brand owns a particular identity and character. We apply a strict door policy, because the personalities and ways of thinking should reflect the individual brand they wish to work for. We offer our consultants the space to stay like they are and to remain true to themselves.

Labels of Vibe Group

Vibe Group has the aim to attract sales talent for her six niche brands. Perca Search is the niche consultancy focused on IT executive search, Eswelt mediates ERP and CRM specialists, Visser & Van Baars purely focuses on Business Intelligence and Database recruitment, Spilberg specializes in IT Development recruitment and Tergos purely focuses on ICT infrastructure recruitment. Our sixth label, Altus Staffing, joins the earlier mentioned brands and offers a total solution in IT expertise for clients.